Who's Writing This Guff?


Hi, my name is Matt and I appear to be at a loose end. I run a small business that seems to be venturing into uncertain waters, not particularly financially, but like a lot of my colleagues, we seem to be getting stepped on by the powers that be. That's life I'm sure many people will surmise. I believe my life too, is wandering into the unknown a little. I, like millions of others, am having trouble seeing the wood for the trees and keep getting battered by the harsh head wind of life that likes nothing more than to pin you back and stunt your progress.


I am not someone that stands out, and I am certainly no great achiever but I have always wanted the things that I do to mean something, even on a small scale. The Covid lockdowns affected everyone in different ways, but for me I had to shut down my business for a while and was unable to work. However my mind was trying to keep active and it was forced to open up a few doors up there; allowing dormant thoughts and hidden ambitions to awaken. 


I learned how to film (albeit for an amateur), I got my head around basic video editing, discovered that I actually enjoyed writing small pieces of poetry and rhyme (my skill level remains unknown but I'm not holding my breath). I wrote many vlogs for my business and filmed a few that weren't particularly bad. I also found that I was wanting to read more and have since developed a bit of a book buying frenzy. 


I find that certain sports are a constant companion and my interest and knowledge is pretty decent. I have little interest in pop music and overhyped talent contests but I do have an ear for classic rock and heavy metal and have seen some of the greats live. Also I'm a sucker for a good (or truly awful) horror. 


So I suppose here's the latest my jittering brain has come up with: Writing a blog. I'm assuming is like writing a vlog but without the camera. And yes I have no idea what I'm doing to be perfectly honest, but I appear to doing it anyway. I'm not an expert in anything so I doubt I'll be teaching anybody much, it's just a 41 year old man and his simple outlook on a confusing existence. Feel free to help me find the sense. Is it a midlife crisis? I don't know I've never had one. I think it's just a period of growth, or a nice gentle breakdown, we'll see. Unfortunately I'm often no wiser than anyone else as to what may stumble out of my mouth. My mind has the habit of keeping the curtain drawn on me until the last few seconds.


I live in the North Lincolnshire countryside, with my partner Rowena and our cat Fergus.

And apparently I write now.